Kelly Joyce (proper name), surname Bale Simoës de Fonseca.  Was Born in Paris in 1982 and daughter of Art (her father King Joe Bale is a composer, son of the Prince of the Empire Bantu, Ndekekete Bande Bale, which descended from the Egyptian dynasties. Her mother, Countess of Burgos and Segovia, Emmanuelle Vidal Simoës de Fonseca is the founder and  author of the band Chocolats (1973).
Douta Seck (maternal grandfather)  Senegalese Comedian actor.
Kelly Joyce grew up in Riccione, with her family, where she took violin lessons for 8 years, piano for 5 years and 12 years, she studied dance at the Royal Academy. Later, she went to England to continue her studies Arts in London. Her stage debut took place in 2001 with the single Vivre la Vie, which became an international hit, followed by Kelly Joyce album with Universal Music. “The album has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide with numerous television and radio from Canada to New Zealand to Siberia and Africa and Asia. She was nominated at  the FRENCH MUSIC AWARDS.
PINK MARTINI Band made a cover of Vivre la vie.
The singer has participated different Pop jazz the Festivals around the world.
In 2003, Kelly sang for Pope Wojtyla Pope John Paul II, at the Christmas concert at the Vatican.
In June 2004 she released and wrote, the album Chocolat.
In 2005, she collaborated with the Italian producer and rapper Esa & Fish “Cos’e che vuoi da me” and in 2006 “Mi porti su”.
2007, she published a new version of the Delicate song with the Four-Kings a Ukrainian boyband.
In 2009, she has produced the single Rendez-Vous inspired by the 30’s , the video is dedicated to Josephine Baker, where she wears the famous banana skirt.
In 2010 Rendez-Vous was selected for a famous phone company spot. (
In 2011, she performed on the biggest stage of the theater in Moscow THE CROCUS CITY HALL in in collaboration with the Moulin Rouge.
In 2012, she recorded the single “Wake Up” with Four Crackers with influences from the 70’s.
Kelly sang at the openings of Ben Harper, Norah Jones and Incognito.
2013 Jazz Mon Amour “Pour l’Afrique” is a revisitation of he famous songs and jazz standards, in collaboration with Fabrizio Bosso famous Jazz Italian musician.
2015 “Baku Smiles” song of the first EUROPEAN OLIMPIC GAMES, featuring TUNZALE AGAYEVA, for Azerbaijan territories.
Now Kelly is writing her new album, and she lives between Italy and Bali Indonesia.